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    What does Spa mean?

    Spa is an abbreviation of the Latin term Sanus per Aquam, which means Health through Water.

    What is Thalassotherapy?

    Thalassotherapy is a therapeutic method for curative and preventative purposes, based on the use of seawater. The body absorbs its properties which include mineral salts and dietary elements due to the fact that the water is heated between 34º and 37ºC.
    At Real Spa Therapy we offer bathing, wraps and massages, all based on the pressure and temperature of seawater.

    What is the duration of each treatment?

    The duration times can be consulted in the Spa catalogue. See treatments

    How can I choose my treatment?

    Real Spa Therapy offers a wide range of treatments created with your physical and emotional health in mind. You can visit our premises and talk to our team of specialised technical staff who can help you to choose the best treatments for you.

    What is the ideal frequency of the treatments?

    Depends on each person, but at least one treatment per month is highly recommended. During a difficult or stressful moment of your life, a weekly massage can help a great deal.

    Could only one treatment help me to feel better?

    Yes, but in order to get the maximum benefit, we recommend that you receive regular spa treatment.

    Does the Spa have a gift voucher?

    Real Spa Therapy offers the possibility of gifts for all occasions. For further information, contact us at one of our Spas

    How to make the most of the Sauna and Turkish Bath?

    Both the sauna and Turkish bath have beneficial effects, although they should be used in moderation. The appropriate time of use varies according to the intended objective. For example, if you intend to warm and relax your muscles, a sauna time of around 12 to 15 minutes is recommended. The steam of the Turkish bath help to open skin pores and boost the respiratory system. For this, we recommend 5 to 6 minutes.

    How early should I arrive for my treatment session at the Spa?

    In order to get the most benefit possible, we recommend that you arrive 45 minutes in advance of the scheduled time to start the treatment. In this way, you should have sufficient time to change clothes, enjoy the sauna, Turkish bath and/or simply relax and take a shower. If you decide to use these facilities after the treatment, we recommend that you arrive 15 minutes in advance of the scheduled time.

    Is there any prior preparation that I should do before starting the treatment?

    For greater comfort and relaxation, we recommend a sauna and Turkish bath session to warm your muscles and prepare you for the treatment, and/or use of the showers.
    For men, in the case of facial treatments, we recommend that you shave at least 2 hours before the scheduled time of the treatment, so as to ensure maximum comfort and benefit for your skin.

    What type of clothes should I use in the Spa?

    It is not necessary to take or wear specific clothing, since the Spa places robes, towels and slippers at your disposal. If you are a hotel guest, you can bring the ones provided in your room. You will be given a locker so keep your personal objects.
    When using the gym, appropriate clothing and footwear should be used. For the jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath, we recommend the use of a bathing suit and in the Thalassotherapy Circuit / indoor swimming pool, it is compulsory to use a bathing suit and cap. All of these items can be acquired at the reception of Real Spa Therapy.

    What do I do with my valuables?

    All the lockers have a padlock. However, if you prefer, we suggest that you leave your personal articles in the safe of your room, or in one of the safes available in the hotel reception.

    Can I keep my mobile telephone on?

    In order to preserve the calm atmosphere, please turn your mobile phone off and likewise any other electronic equipment.

    How can I assure a perfect Spa experience?

    Tell us about your expectations so that we can assure a completely personalised experience according to your needs.
    In order to make your experience even more special, please tell the therapist about your preferences, whether regarding the room temperature or level of pressure used in the massage. You can also inform us whether you prefer a female or male therapist. However, please note that both have specialised training in order to offer you a service of the very highest standard, and constant concern with the client's well-being.

    What should I do when the treatment is finished?

    After our treatments, we invite our guests to relax calmly on the massage bed for a few minutes, enjoying the peace and joy of the experience. You can also relax in the hotel gardens or use the sauna and Turkish bath. Avoid entering the swimming pool after your massage because the chlorine will remove the oils that have just been carefully applied to your skin.

    If I am pregnant, can I receive Spa treatments?

    There are some treatments that should be avoided during pregnancy, although many present no problem at all. Inclusively, the Real Spa Therapy offers a special programme for Pregnant Women. If you are pregnant, please inform our team when making your reservation so that we can advise you.

    And what if I have health problems?

    When scheduling your session, please tell us if you are taking any medication and/or have health problems, so that we can help you to choose the most beneficial treatment and avoid any which might be harmful.

    What are the opening hours?

    Every day of the year from 08:00am to 08:00pm.

    Is there a minimum age of attendance?

    Yes. It is not permitted for children under the age of 16 years old to remain inside the Spa. Children aged 16 to 18 years old require written parental authorisation. In order not to disrupt the harmony of the Spa and preserve the intended calm atmosphere, children should always be accompanied by an adult.

    How can I reserve my treatment?

    We recommend that you schedule your treatment in advance. Reservations can be made directly at the Spa reception, on our website or through the following contacts. Links to the contact area

    What happens if I arrive late for the treatment?

    It is advisable to appear 15 minutes in advance of the scheduled time of the treatment, so that you can prepare for it. If the lateness is inevitable, please inform the Spa reception as soon as possible. Late arrival may limit the duration time of the treatment, thus reducing your satisfaction and full benefit.

    What if I need to change the date or cancel my treatment?

    If it is not possible to do the scheduled treatment, please contact us at least 24h in advance. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance are subject to a 100% cancellation charge.

    What happens if I do not appear for my treatment?

    Failure to appear or appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance are subject to a 100% cancellation charge.

    How can I proceed with payment?

    We accept most credit cards – VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS – traveller’s checks and cash. If you are staying at the hotel, you may ask for the service to be charged to your room.

    Can I give the therapist a tip?

    If you are fully satisfied with your treatment, you may give the therapist a tip, at your discretion. The Spa does not have a policy on tipping.

    Alcoholic Beverages and Food

    The Spa menu is especially created and adapted to the existing treatments. Eating is forbidden in the treatment rooms, health club and swimming pool.  Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed either during or immediately after a spa treatment. We recommend that you drink plenty of water before and after the treatments, especially if you plan to enjoy one of our treatments with heat.

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    Offer Health and Well-being



    Did you know that redcurrant is a powerful antioxidant, containing 4 times more vitamin C than orange?


    Hot Stones

    Did you know that a massage with hot stones is very effective to combat stress-related problems?



    Did you know that orange is a source of fructose, contributing to increase serotonin and well-being?



    Did you know that honey makes the skin smoother, clearer and free of blotches?


    Sea/Salt Water

    Did you know that seawater has antibiotic and antiseptic properties, and has an exfoliating and nutritional effect on skin?



    Did you know that cinnamon is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs that exists?


    Weaving Algae

    Did you know that weaving algae has exceptional anti-dehydration power?



    Did you know that the medicinal use of camomile is principally due to its calming properties that act on the nervous system?



    Did you know that lemon eliminates body toxins and has a powerful depurative and detoxifying action?


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